A hot hot day on the rickshaw..


Richard and Ayeleen on the ferry

A quick shot from a ferry crossing we’re now making, just a few short clicks out of Pirojpur, tonight’s destination for the Wild Rickshaw Challenge team. Today has been a difficult day for me, as the kilometers are adding up, so does the tax on our bodies as we peddle 50 to 60 km on these slow moving beasts. The temperature has also increased today as the last wisps of winter give way to the onslaught of tropical heat. We are struggling, but nature deserves nothing less than our best efforts.

But Bangladesh’s rural beauty has made this journey worthwhile. Ayeleen and I have been crossing surreal and verdant landscapes, green verdant fields that look like emerald carpets stretching off into the distance. Today the physical test has reached yet another level. The wear and tear, combined with the fact we are moving from hotel to hotel each day, plus the Bengali food which is high on carbohydrates (but not necessarily geared for sports nutrition) has added yet another layer of difficulty to this challenge.

In short it is epic. And yet the team is struggling onward with smiles and a real sense of teamwork. Truly one of the best travel experiences of my life, supported by the awesome folks at WildTeam!!

About Mikey Leung

Mikey Leung is the author of Bangladesh: The Bradt Travel Guide and a passionate supporter of the WildTeam! He's also the founder of a social enterprise called Crowdsourced Travel, whose primary project, Positive Light is to promote the beauty of Bangladesh through photography.


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  1. Libby February 24, 2013 at 10:28 am #

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the experience and that all has gone well so far. Love the photos and videos keep them coming and continue to have “fun” for the rest of the trip. Good on ya!

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