Everyone’s a WildTeam supporter

On the road today just two days from the tigers’ home in the Sundarbans and the roadside support continues to amaze. Smiles, greetings, good wishes, applause, cheers, running children, even pushes over bridges and rough roads and thanks for efforts abound. And so many know of the Challenge from tv and press.

Today Matt and I experienced a whole new dimension to Bangladeshi roadside support for WildTeam when a kind man by the name of Nurislam immediately stepped in to help fix our chain ring when it warped under a power surge from Matt’s ever stronger legs.

Three cheers for Nurislam!


About Richard Smith

Married to a Bangladeshi, Richard loves the country and is always keen to explore further. The Wild Rickshaw Challenge was a must for Richard as it allowed him to combine his love for exploring Bangladesh and passion for all things pedalling...all for the vitally important cause of helping to the amazing WildTeam ensure tigers have a future in Bangladesh.


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One Response to Everyone’s a WildTeam supporter

  1. Cathy Dean February 26, 2013 at 12:09 am #

    Glad to hear that Matt’s muscles are doing well – wish you could say the same for the rickshaws. Great blogs, loving reading them and seeing the pix. Good luck to everyone on the challenge

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