How to fix your rickshaw.. on the road


an axle rebuild on km 6


Day one started with a lot of enthusiasm and energy, but it wasn’t long before the challengers ran in to some strife.

Our rickshaw had a mis-alignment problem, which caused the gears to skip unless you peddled the rickshaw in a very specific way! At first we thought we would be stuck with 400km of this, but WildTeam has been forward thinking enough to bring along professional rickshaw mechanics on this mad journey. We stopped, while the mechanic (pictured above) took apart our entire rickshaw axle and put it back together again, on the road!

And amazingly the chain stopped slipping. We were off!

… and then the rest of the day happened.

After lunch the going got hard. Tired bodies and a couple of injuries cropeed up. Quinn has strained her knee and Ed took a knee-scraping spill. There’s been ibuprofen handed out and we are definitely a little worse for wear today.

But thankfully, day two is only a 25km day and we are cruising the Cox’s Bazaar beach. Hopefully a much cruisier day.

Time to get ready!!! More later tonight.

About Mikey Leung

Mikey Leung is the author of Bangladesh: The Bradt Travel Guide and a passionate supporter of the WildTeam! He's also the founder of a social enterprise called Crowdsourced Travel, whose primary project, Positive Light is to promote the beauty of Bangladesh through photography.


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  1. Henry Churchill February 20, 2013 at 2:17 am #

    Good going Mikey and team and glad to hear just a 25k sprint today. Love the video mate.

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