Arriving on Mars

We had been briefed from the start of the Challenge that the roads we would face would vary from nice and flat to nice and, er, ‘challenging’. We have not been disappointed: at times the struggle the riders have faced making progress even at walking pace through craters and sand and over ridiculously steep humped back bridges has actually been surpassed by the struggle passengers have faced staying on their seats!

The greatest challenge for riders, passengers and our ever popular rickshaw mechanic Babla came on the final day. After over 10km navigating punishing craters interspersed with short patches of bitumen, we turned right onto what we knew would be our fate sooner or later: a classic Bangladeshi red brick road. This one was not made of a nicely ordered bed of bricks, however. Oh no. Every brick was broken into fist size pieces. We had reached Mars but without the bouncing soft tyres and 4WD of NASA explorers.


About Richard Smith

Married to a Bangladeshi, Richard loves the country and is always keen to explore further. The Wild Rickshaw Challenge was a must for Richard as it allowed him to combine his love for exploring Bangladesh and passion for all things pedalling...all for the vitally important cause of helping to the amazing WildTeam ensure tigers have a future in Bangladesh.


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    I am Faisal from The Independent. I am planning to write a feature on this. Can you send me your e-mail id so that I can send you some questions. Can you also please send me some pics at my e-mail

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