Wild Rickshaw Challenge Press Conference

Twenty adventurers from all over the world will cycle over 400km on rickshaws across the beautiful landscape of Southern Bangladesh to champion the protection of the endangered Royal Bengal tiger and the largest mangrove forest in the world – the Sundarbans. This is no ordinary cycle ride. The challengers will travel on the most iconic and colourful mode of transportation: the cycle rickshaw. The epic journey will take place over 10 days from 16-26 February. Through the eyes of the challengers, the world will experience the natural beauty of Bangladesh and its people, including the longest sea beach in the world, the lush hill tracts and the mysterious Sundarbans mangroves. The nature-loving challengers have come together for a reason – they wish to celebrate the rich natural heritage of Bangladesh and raise awareness of the need to join together to protect endangered wild tigers and their home.

The team will also be raising funds through sponsorship to support the tiger conservation activities of WildTeam, a nature conservation organisation based in Bangladesh. In this way, their legacy will continue even after they return to their home countries. Through this thrilling event, these brave individuals are paving a path for other individuals looking for a way to contribute to a bright future for tigers.
WildTeam was established in 2003 under the name Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh (WTB) by a small group of passionate conservationists. WTB was re-launched in 2012 with a new brand identity – WildTeam, in order to better communicate the organization’s goals to a wider audience and connect with Bangladeshi and international communities.

Currently WildTeam works predominantly in the Sundarbans mangroves through its flagship initiative TigerTeam, which has become a symbol of a secured future for the Sundarbans and tigers. The team is working alongside the local people and the government to overcome threats to tigers and other wildlife and build a future for nature in Bangladesh. More than 350 village volunteers around the forest edge have been empowered to save human, livestock, and tiger lives through their “Living with tigers” work. TigerTeam is also working to promote positive social change to create a protective barrier around the forest to protect against poaching, and ensures constant research to assess the effectiveness of such conservation efforts.

WildTeam believes that everyone has a part to play in changing the game for nature. No matter what country we come from, no matter what we do, we are connected by the bond we share with nature and our love for it.
The challengers come from all walks of life, from a Bangladeshi health care expert, to His Excellency the Danish Ambassador, Mr Svend Olling. All have come together to do this challenging 400km cycle by rickshaw, to show their dedication for tiger conservation.

Worldwide, tiger numbers have plummeted by almost 100,000 over the last 100 years, and today only 3,200 wild tigers remain on our planet. The rising illegal demand for tiger products has increased illegal smuggling and tiger poaching. WildTeam believes that it is not too late to ensure a secure future for tigers. The time to act is now.

The Bangladesh Sundarbans is home to one of the largest population of tigers in the world. By protecting her tigers, Bangladesh has a unique opportunity to become world renowned as a tiger stronghold and contribute to the survival of tigers on our planet. Through this event Bangladesh is showing leadership in bringing the world’s support to protect the tiger- the most celebrated symbol of nature’s majestic beauty. The Bengal tiger is our national pride–the fighting spirit of the Bangladeshi people resonates in the tigers’ mighty roar. A threat to tigers thus calls us all to come forward in whatever way we can. The Wild Rickshaw Challenge is a large step in the right direction.

The Wild Rickshaw Challenge is a pilgrimage, a journey undertaken to show our love for nature and celebrate the Sundarbans and our Royal Bengal tigers. Join WildTeam and the challengers on this incredible journey by following the progress of this noble cause. Join in the adventure on www.facebook.com/wildteam.org or www.wildrickshaw­challenge.org­


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