Departing Dhaka

What a trip! I’m at the Dhaka airport, officially signing off my blogging duties for the trip. This is it.


The rickshaw is travelling to Sydney

As the author of the Bradt guide to Bangladesh, I’ve been coming back to this country for quite a long time — in fact I’ve hardly taken a vacation anywhere else for the last five years. Each time I come, I take home new memories, deeper relationships and a solid feeling that Bangladesh has so much to offer if the world would only look deeper. For adventurous, wordly travellers, Bangladesh should be topping many lists.

This time around, I’ve seen two projects reach new heights and stages of growth. Of course, my social enterprise’s first product, Positive Light is taking shape with the printing of our new coffee table photo book. It’s been amazing to have the support of Drik, Bangladesh’s leading photography organisation, and especially Dr. Shahidul Alam. I could ask for no better partner in forwarding the photographic agenda of Bangladesh.

But what impressed me even more was WildTeam’s stunning work in the Sundarbans. It is here that an exciting and dynamic conservation movement to protect nature is beginning to bear fruit. Dare I say, Bangladesh is leading this charge into a future where we value nature as we would value our own mother. If even the most densely populated nation on Earth is working to protect its share of natural heritage, surely this would be an inspiration for the rest of the world. I do hope that WildTeam is successful in this mission.

And after taking this utterly unique, human-powered rickshaw journey across Bangladesh, I am now more motivated than ever to be an ambassador for the team and take my knowledge and awareness back to my corner of the world.

Thank you, WildTeam. As I’ve said many times over, this won’t be a journey I will soon forget.

About Mikey Leung

Mikey Leung is the author of Bangladesh: The Bradt Travel Guide and a passionate supporter of the WildTeam! He's also the founder of a social enterprise called Crowdsourced Travel, whose primary project, Positive Light is to promote the beauty of Bangladesh through photography.


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