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Ed Packshaw is 25 year old zoologist from London participating in the first ever Wild Rickshaw Challenge. A born conservationist, he studied zoology at university and worked as a field biologist in Mauritius, helping to protect some of the critically endangered species in a land once ruled by the now extinct dodo. Inspired the work and successes of the conservationist he met, Ed moved back to the UK in search of a new challenge and to follow his dream of working with big cats. Having found the Wild Rickshaw Challenge almost by chance (a tangent from a job application) he became excited and inspired by the work of the WIld Team, helping local people understand and love tigers and helping them live together. He immediately wanted to help the Wild Team and signed up (heavily swayed by the prospect of seeing a tiger) and knew that his friend Fred Fishlock, a man with a taste for the intrepid, was just the person to ask to get involved. Captivated by the unique adventure of the challenge, cycling on a rickshaw, the chance to help such a forward thinking and positive charity save the most important tiger population in world, and the opportunity to see one the last remaining near untouched habitats in the world ticked all the boxes for Ed and Fred and they set of on their mission to raise the money. They believe it should be tiger hugs not tiger rugs.

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Just paw prints in the dirt….

For all the smiles, all the waves, all the looks of jaw-dropping amazement about why on earth 20 of us would put ourselves through this, one image of Bangladesh rises above the rest.

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Departure Day

Departure day is finally here, and while Fred is messing around pretending to be working, I am having a casual breakfast getting the fear about stuff i have forgotten…it seems like its all there, but as always with me, I never know. If this is the first time you have read or heard about what […]

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