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Denmark Loves WildTeam!

Svend Olling is Denmark’s Ambassador to Bangladesh, but it turns out he’s also WildTeam’s ambassador to the world. Check out what he has to say about WildTeam’s fantastic work in Bangladesh.

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Are we really here?

We did it! The home straight, Chadpai. 400km of peddling completed.

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Arriving on Mars

We had been briefed from the start of the Challenge that the roads we would face would vary from nice and flat to nice and, er, ‘challenging’. We have not been disappointed: at times the struggle the riders have faced making progress even at walking pace through craters and sand and over ridiculously steep humped […]

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At first the rickshaws seemed none too sturdy. Plenty of jumping chains, creaking and bending pedals and a remarkable – ah hem – flexibility in the frame. But after several days of ploughing the roads, being bashed through holes and craters for km after km, my respect for the machines is growing. This snap shows […]

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Everyone’s a WildTeam supporter

On the road today just two days from the tigers’ home in the Sundarbans and the roadside support continues to amaze. Smiles, greetings, good wishes, applause, cheers, running children, even pushes over bridges and rough roads and thanks for efforts abound. And so many know of the Challenge from tv and press. Today Matt and […]

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Cruising the Meghna – rest at last!!!

Several days into the Challenge now so high time I shared some reflections. Let me put it simply: riding a rickshaw ain’t easy! Even on the largely flat roads of coastal Bangladesh it is, at the very best of times, like climbing an endless mountain on a road bike.

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A hot hot day on the rickshaw..

A quick shot from a ferry crossing we’re now making, just a few short clicks out of Pirojpur, tonight’s destination for the Wild Rickshaw Challenge team. Today has been a difficult day for me, as the kilometers are adding up, so does the tax on our bodies as we peddle 50 to 60 km on […]

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Crossing the Meghna

It’s day five and we’re kicking back for a rest day while we transport our rickshaws across the several-kilometres wide Meghna River, also known as the mouth of the Ganges. Four days of rickshaw riding has left our bodies bruised but our spirits glowing. We have done more than half the ride but the riders […]

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What’s a Bangladeshi rickshaw look like?

Let Adam Barlow, Director of WildTeam, show you around the finer nuances of a Bangladeshi rickshaw in this video.

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How to fix your rickshaw.. on the road

Day one started with a lot of enthusiasm and energy, but it wasn’t long before the challengers ran in to some strife.

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