The Wild Rickshaw Challenge brought together 20 mentally-questionable, but very adventurous individuals to ride Bangladeshi rickshaws across the southern coast of Bangladesh. Meet them up close and read the stories from their journey here!

Rickshaw Challenge Groupshot

Rickshaw Challenge Groupshot

Mikey LeungMikey Leung

Mikey Leung is the author of Bangladesh: The Bradt Travel Guide and a passionate supporter of the WildTeam! He's also the founder of a social enterprise called Crowdsourced Travel, whose primary project, Positive Light is to promote the beauty of Bangladesh through photography.

Richard Smith

Married to a Bangladeshi, Richard loves the country and is always keen to explore further. The Wild Rickshaw Challenge was a must for Richard as it allowed him to combine his love for exploring Bangladesh and passion for all things pedalling...all for the vitally important cause of helping to the amazing WildTeam ensure tigers have a future in Bangladesh.


Arif Mohsin and his partner are the only Bangladeshi team in the Wild Rickshaw Challenge. An engineer by profession, with a passion for renewable technology. Since hearing about the challenge at TedxDhaka, he has been excited and pumped to go on this amazing challenge and see parts of his country that he's never seen before.


Ed Packshaw is 25 year old zoologist from London participating in the first ever Wild Rickshaw Challenge. A born conservationist, he studied zoology at university and worked as a field biologist in Mauritius, helping to protect some of the critically endangered species in a land once ruled by the now extinct dodo. Inspired the work and successes of the conservationist he met, Ed moved back to the UK in search of a new challenge and to follow his dream of working with big cats. Having found the Wild Rickshaw Challenge almost by chance (a tangent from a job application) he became excited and inspired by the work of the WIld Team, helping local people understand and love tigers and helping them live together. He immediately wanted to help the Wild Team and signed up (heavily swayed by the prospect of seeing a tiger) and knew that his friend Fred Fishlock, a man with a taste for the intrepid, was just the person to ask to get involved. Captivated by the unique adventure of the challenge, cycling on a rickshaw, the chance to help such a forward thinking and positive charity save the most important tiger population in world, and the opportunity to see one the last remaining near untouched habitats in the world ticked all the boxes for Ed and Fred and they set of on their mission to raise the money. They believe it should be tiger hugs not tiger rugs.

Matthew B

Matthew is a 30 year old Civil Servant from London - where he works for The Royal Parks with sponsor Vinci Facilities.

the environment and conservation is very important to him and the Tiger has been an animal he has been fascinated with since childhood, he's wanted to see one in the wild for as long as he can remember. Thousands if not millions of people share this fascination and yet soon, if nothing is done to prevent it, poaching will render the animal extinct in the wild, he doesn't want to see this happen within his lifetime.


Sarah-Jane is working, living and loving life in Bangladesh, and has been doing so for almost two years now. She loves the colour, the chaos and the general craziness of the country, and has cycled through many beautiful parts of it promoting cycling as a green method of transport, and a great way to travel!

She is joining the challenge to try her hand at cycling an iconic rickshaw, have a bit of fun and raise awareness about an awesome young organisation which is working for a fantastic cause. She’s also looking forward to showing off how beautiful Bangladesh is, how friendly Bangladeshis are and encourage some more of her Australian friends to come on over and visit her!

1 -2 -3-go! Let those 400kms of craziness begin 🙂


Chris is a graduate student from the United States and has been in Bangladesh since June 2012 working on a research project. He's excited to join this amazing team to support WildTeam and their work. He previously bicycled across the U.S. to raise money and awareness for affordable housing issues and even worked as a 'rickshaw wallah' driving a pedicab around Chapel Hill, North Carolina, so he feels right at home on this challenge.


I’m a renewable energy engineer who landed in Bangladesh three months ago as part of the AYAD (AusAid Volunteer) program. Before Bangladesh I lived in Central Australia, so I've gone from one of the least, to the most, densely populated locations on earth and so far I’m loving it.


Naile came to Bangladesh about 8 months ago, taking a break from work usually in emergencies/ conflict settings... When she heard about the rickshaw challenge from a friend in Dhaka last October, she knew that she gonna be 'on board' - a brilliant idea for a good and straight forward cause!! While trying to find out more about it, she ended up in one of WildTeams' presentations on the upcoming event - if her phone had internet access, she had subscribed at that very moment 🙂 Coming from a different background, she was fascinated to learn what it must mean for the tigers and for the people to live so close to each other on a daily basis. WildTeam developed projects to help the communities to improve ways of living together safely without threatening the existence of the endangered tiger. And - with the preservation of the tigers they help protect the important mangrove forest, the Sundarbans, in an already disaster prone area! Now it's time to go and cycle to the area where WildTeam works to get a first hand insight into these important projects! For the tigers and for the Sundarbans - incredible beauties of nature!!


Ayeleen still remembes her first encounter with tigers as a child at a conservation park. She was only 6 and ever since then she had dreamt of having a pet tiger. The Wild Rickshaw Challenge gives the challengers an opportunity to do our part to help conserve these majestic creatures in their natural habitat and also work with the local communities to achieve positive social change. She hopes her children can also experience these beautiful creatures.

The Southern parts of Bangladesh are unexplored and extremely beautiful and what better way to explore the world's longest beach, the Bay of Bengal and the deep mangroves than on a traditional rickshaw.

Ayeleen was raised in Karachi, Pakistan and is currently living with her husband in Dhaka, Bangladesh, working in development.


Nathalie-Ann enjoys exploring new countries, charity work and undertaking new activities so the rickshaw challenge ticks all the boxes! The rickshaw challenge is an exciting opportunity to see Bangladesh whilst also also a chance to raise money for an amazing cause - the more she learns about the plight of tigers, the more she realises how important the work of Wild Team is. She is most looking forward to when Tom cycles and least to the potential dodgy stomach!


Fred is an active philanthropist, adventurer and banker. He took part in the wild team challenge to experience the real Bangladesh, meet new people and lose most of the skin on his left knee. All of which were accomplished.


Quinn Quach is a Registered Nurse from Australia, volunteering as a Nurse Educator in Dhaka for 1 year. Quinn has enjoyed nursing around the world from the indigenous communities in remote Australia, to the UK, Saudi Arabia and now Bangladesh. Quinn loves traveling, adventure, and getting off the beaten track. Quinn was particularly excited about the Wild Rickshaw Challenge as it combined all these 3 things with like-minded people.


Florian flew over to Dhaka to protect the tigers. So now, there ll be a few hours left b4 heading off to Teknaf, getting started for THE WILDRICKSHAW CHALLENGE - 400km rickshaw cycling for the tigers!!! we'll try to keep u updated as we go 🙂


Nasiha and her challenge partner and her make the team that represents Bangladesh. Nasiha works in development and has traveled through Bangladesh quite a bit for work managing healthcare projects. Nasiha is very passionate about animals and choose a honeymoon to an African safari over the more conventional options.


Leigh is a Australian boy who’s grown up in the bush and loves wildlife. He’s a mechanic and a budding adventure is passionate about making a difference to Tiger conservation.