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Two things I learnt from going wild!

Now that it is over, I’ve been searching for words to describe the challenge. It hasn’t been easy to sum up. It was an incredible experience on so many levels – personally, physically and emotionally. The most unforgettable part was the inspirational people we met along the way – the staff members at WildTeam, the […]

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Where’s the finish line?

here’s still another finish line out there – making sure there is a future for the Sundarbans, for the tigers and for the people who live there. WildTeam is always working to reach that goal.

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Riding on a Tiger

The Rickshaw Challenge is over, it’s fair to say that none of the 20 man crew were at all prepared for the difficulties it would present, and we’ll never fully understand how much work the dedicated organisers, staff and volunteers put in to a) set the whole thing up and b) deal with the endless […]

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A Wild Wild Journey

Imagine a shopkeeper in rural Bangladesh in the coastal regions of Cox’s Bazar, having his morning cha at a stall on a mud brick road overlooking the paddy fields. Now imagine the look on his face, shocked and confused, as he sees a line of 10 brightly painted rickshaws being pulled and pushed by 20 […]

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Act Now to Save Tigers

Iqbal Hussain believes that cooperation and collaboration will be the forces we need to combat the loss of tigers and of nature in Sundarban, the world’s largest mangrove forest and home to the Royal Bengal Tiger.

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Departing Dhaka

What a trip! I’m at the Dhaka airport, officially signing off my blogging duties for the trip. This is it. As the author of the Bradt guide to Bangladesh, I’ve been coming back to this country for quite a long time — in fact I’ve hardly taken a vacation anywhere else for the last five […]

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Official challenge video!

The official challenge video is complete! Please share far and wide — this is Bangladesh at its best! And all in the name of protecting our precious natural heritage. What more could you ask for?

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Denmark Loves WildTeam!

Svend Olling is Denmark’s Ambassador to Bangladesh, but it turns out he’s also WildTeam’s ambassador to the world. Check out what he has to say about WildTeam’s fantastic work in Bangladesh.

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A hot hot day on the rickshaw..

A quick shot from a ferry crossing we’re now making, just a few short clicks out of Pirojpur, tonight’s destination for the Wild Rickshaw Challenge team. Today has been a difficult day for me, as the kilometers are adding up, so does the tax on our bodies as we peddle 50 to 60 km on […]

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Crossing the Meghna

It’s day five and we’re kicking back for a rest day while we transport our rickshaws across the several-kilometres wide Meghna River, also known as the mouth of the Ganges. Four days of rickshaw riding has left our bodies bruised but our spirits glowing. We have done more than half the ride but the riders […]

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